The Azure Collection only works with the world's finest scheduled airlines. After all, a luxury holiday can only really take off with a luxury travel experience …

It all begins at your international UK airport. Nowadays there's anything from exclusive lounges and champagne bars to duty-free shopping and designer spas; the on-line check-ins combining with the baggage drops and Fast Track service to help minimise those annoying queues.

When you're on board you can enjoy complimentary meals and drinks, and thanks to newspapers, video games, on-demand movies and children's goodie bags, you hardly notice you're in the air.

Of course, things only get better if you upgrade to a premium cabin. You've got anything from extra-comfortable seating to chauffer-driven limousines to look forward to; the luxury of fully-flat beds and dining when you want to now a reality rather than a dream.

There's no doubt about it, getting from A to B with The Azure Collection has become rather an enjoyable experience nowadays …

Facilities differ between international airports and airlines. Full details are readily available on request

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