• Ferrari Self Drive
    Ferrari Self Drive
  • Ferrari Self Drive
    Ferrari Self Drive
  • Ferrari Self Drive
    Ferrari Self Drive

Official Ferrari Self-Drive Holiday

This must be on everyone’s wish list; driving yourself around the gorgeous Italian countryside in a Ferrari. Offered in conjunction with Red Travel; during the trip you sleep in the best hotels, dine in the finest restaurants and are treated to a drivers VIP experience that would make Jeremy Clarkson jealous. Private trips range from 1 day experiences to an 8 day Grand Tour; these are holidays of a life time.

All the best routes are covered, but if you want to go off plan, no problem. Then, why would you when you can already choose between Tuscany, the Northern Lakes and the Amalfi Coast. But more importantly choose between a Ferrari 458 Spider, Ferrari 458 Italia, Ferrari California, Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and a Ferrari FF (it’s breaking the rules a bit, but we can also arrange a Maserati Quattroporte). And if you are considering the holiday as a test drive before you buy, be sure to let us know.

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Just before we get carried away with handing over the keys to some of the most exciting luxury sport cars in the world, here you can read up on what exactly is included in your holiday of a lifetime; from the nitty-gritty to the grand highlights, plus a list of the recommended itineraries, is all available here.

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Car Portfolio

Like a kid in a candy shop, we invite you to peruse your potential choice of Ferrari. From the stunning Spider, the intimidating Italia or the curvaceous California - all are stunning, all are V8, and all have more horse power than a Ben Hur chariot race! Or, (at a supplement), we can arrange for you a V12 Ferrari FF, a Maserati Quattroporte (we know it’s not one of Enzo’s but it is a stunning car), or even an F12Belinetta – the most powerful Ferrari available!

Car Portfolio

1 Day Tours

Whether you want to whet your appetite, or are unable to convince the other half to indulge your passion for longer, these one day itineraries are ideal smile generating options. But be warned, after one incredible day behind the wheel, we guarantee you will be back for more. Learn more about the suggested 1 day tours.

1 Day Tours

4 Day Tours

A perfect length tour for that short break, 4 days gives you an in-depth flavour of these indomitable automobiles. It is time enough to allow you to really get to grips with your chosen vehicle, plus enjoy a good dose of stunning Italian countryside to boot.

8 Day Tours

This is for the real Ferrari fans, 8 days of unadulterated driving (and holiday) pleasure. Really become in-tune with your Ferrari and know how she handles; entering every bend with confidence, squeezing the accelerator at the apex and emerging with engine roaring and the open road ahead.

8 Day Tours

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Best Times to Travel
  • March - June
  • September - October

1 Day Rome & Mille Miglia 
4 Days/3 nights Rome & Tuscany
5 Days/4 nights Rome & Tuscany
5 Days/4 nights Rome & Umbria
6 Days/5 nights Rome & Tuscany
8 Days/7 nights Rome, Tuscany & Tyrrhenian Sea

1 Day Chianti & Mille Miglia
4 Days/3 nights Florence & Tuscany
5 Days/4 nights Florence & Tuscany
6 Days/5 nights Florence & Tuscany

1 Day Milan & Como Lake
4 Days/3 nights Milan, Como & Maggiore Lake
5 Days/4 nights Milan & the Northern Lakes

(start/end in different locations in Italy)

4 Days/3 nights Rome, Florence Ferrari Tour
5 Days/4 nights Milan, Como & Garda Lake, Venice
5 Days/4 nights Milan, Langhe & French Riviera
5 Days/4 nights Rome, Florence (Portofino), Montecarlo
5 Days/4 nights Rome, Naples, Sorrento, Amalfi Coast
6 Days/5 nights Rome, Florence, Maranello, Milan
8 Days/7 nights Rome, Florence, Maranello, Milan